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About me - Alex Nielsen

I've loved computers for a long time. Although I studied music in college, I worked as a web developer for a few years and I've continued doing freelance work to this day. Since then, I've tried out a few other career paths, but I've always come back to web development. Not long ago I decided to try to keep pace with the new technologies in web development and I've been doing projects to showcase my skills. I have a YouTube channel where I talk about web development and I've even given a few talks at a local freeCodeCamp Meetup group.

HTML and CSS are the mainstays of course, but I've really come to love JavaScript and React. I'm not a Node expert but I can get a REST API running with Express.

I've been at home taking care of the kids the past few years but now I'm ready to make a move back into full-time. Ideally I'd like to be working in music/entertainment or education (I spent a few years teaching music), but I would be very happy working anywhere that has a supportive team and that will allow me to continue learning and growing my skills.

I'm currently living almost in the country, in northwest New Jersey, the Garden State. Wife, two kids, two dogs and a cat. I love my vegetable garden (and attempting to keep the deer out of it) and my wife and I are trying our best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We try to keep in shape so our yearly Spartan Race is not that tough on us (we even have the kids into the mud races too!).