Migrating this site to Next.js


It's been a little while since I've gotten my hands on the keyboard for a blog post, but it's good to be back. I decided I wanted to dig into Next.js so I figured updating my personal site was a great playground to get it going. I will be making a video series on how it all works as well. Part one is already up on youtube

Next.js Tutorial part one

I'll be covering most of the basic features of Next.js including SSG and SSR as well as how I'm using markdown files for the data in my blog posts. I was able to export the files from my old WordPress blog as markdown files. I'm debating on whether I should make that part of this series or just make that it's own tutorial, but one way or the other I will be talking about how I did that as well.

I've got the blog worked out, next up is getting my projects onto this site. For now, you can still see my projects on my older Gatsby site at alexnielsen.net/projects